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The Muskoka Rock Company is the preeminent Muskoka granite company.

With a mutual commitment to quality and customer service, we have earned the trust of leading professionals in the building and landscaping trades.  Locally owned and operated, we provide leading-edge technology and superior customer service for our customers in Muskoka, the surrounding regions and the rest of the North American market.

With a rich history of providing superb Muskoka granite from our premier reserves, including our Van Dyk and Huntsville Aggregate quarries, our innovative natural granite products are remarkable for both their beauty and their versatility. Whatever your project, choose Muskoka Rock Company for results that are truly out of the ordinary.

Our unique rock is found in a number of proprietary quarries throughout the Muskoka region – Van Dyk Natural Stone, Huntsville Aggregates, Milford Bay, Rosseau, Blue Lake and Georgian Bay Quarries. Our quarries are 100% Canadian Shield, offering distinctly different colours and finishes in a variety of textures, creating a robust product line for all of your building, landscaping and aggregate-based projects.

Our extensive production capabilities, at sites throughout the Muskoka region, provide us with the ability to create innovative natural granite products that best meet your demands.  We utilize advanced technology for precise custom cutting and processing, offering a wide variety of granite products for multiple uses.

The Muskoka Rock Company is proud of our outstanding level of services for all of our customers. Superb quality, combined with extensive experience, allows us to deliver orders to meet your specific requirements in a timely fashion.  We are pleased to offer the convenience of one-stop shopping opportunities at multiple locations, or we will gladly assist you in arranging delivery to your door.

Outstanding quality and unparalleled customer service are the drivers for the entire Muskoka Rock Company team.

The Muskoka Rock Company Product Line






Community and the environment is important to the entire team at Muskoka Rock. We are a group of like-minded individuals bringing a shared commitment to the entire Muskoka Region, the communities we live in, the quarries our granite is produced in and our team of staff that work for our entire organization. Commitment to our community, the environment and our team is a leading value of our organization.

At our picturesque quarries we produce our Muskoka granite with purpose, creating as little waste as possible. As we look towards the next generation our quarries will continue to adhere to the highest Ontario and Canadian standards, benefiting all of Muskoka responsible way.


We are extremely pleased to see the Hall and Coulson teams join forces to create this new product to an age old industry and approach this business in a unique methodology by incorporating technology into the business side of the product. We will have a new source of purchasing treads and flagstone in a wider selection of colours than locally available to add a new level of customization to our projects. We can now match much more closely the native stone of our project with the stone available at the MRock production facility and can order dimensional product for unique situations.

Chris Madden, President, Tamarack North Ltd.

Our Company, Red Sky Custom Builders, have used the custom cut stone available through the Muskoka Rock Company to create unique and innovative results for our clients.  We can now order custom-cut granite such as mantels, steps and flag, all in unique shapes, sizes and depth while retaining a natural look.  The possibilities are endless since we can order natural stone to adapt to any application that we may have. MRock is true Muskoka/Parry Sound product with a range of colours depending on which quarry the stone is sourced from.  You and/or your clients will be impressed with MRock.

Joel L’Ecuyer Red Sky Custom Builders

In the  building of our cottage, we wanted to preserve the integrity of our site and harvested some of our own granite from our site to be used as stone in our landscape and patio work. MRC went the extra mile, not just to provide customer service, but to also fully understand how the end product should look and work.  Without them I doubt we could have captured the look and feel that we wanted. We are proud to endorse them and their products.

The Schneider Family