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Muskoka Rock is expanding!

Muskoka Rock Company

Muskoka Rock is expanding!
April 17, 2014

New developments at the Muskoka Rock Company make natural granite an affordable choice
The Muskoka Rock Company has brought the luxury of natural granite to homes, cottages, and landscapes since their opening in 2011. With a diverse selection of raw stone and the capabilities of their large overhead bridge saws, the Gravenhurst plant supplies the materials to create stunning floors, walls, fireplaces, patios, stairways, and accent pieces.
Co-owner Kirby Hall explains how the distinctive characteristics of the rock from each of their four quarries provide a palette of possibilities. “Just as the variety of grains and pigments often found in stone fireplaces create interest, any granite surface can become a real focal point by using a mixed blend of pieces with contrasting features.”
This spring will herald an exciting new development, as sophisticated European equipment and contemporary automation will render the richness of granite affordable even for those with modest budgets. 
Upgrading the current hand-torching techniques, a new automatic flaming machine will not only reduce waste and improve productivity, but its consistent flaming abilities will also facilitate fresh products. New overhead cranes will create a safer and more productive environment, eliminating the congestion caused by tow motors inside the factory. A CNC saw will drastically increase the flooring and flagstone production; and, literally on the cutting edge of technology, a new double-wire diamond saw, manufactured in Italy, will allow the processing of larger oversized stone slabs. 
Along with acquisition of the new equipment, the plant’s operations will become automated, speeding up productivity and increasing output. A conveyor system passes the slabs to the new automatic flaming machine, where the flaming process enhances the stone while creating a natural slip-resistant surface. Pieces that are to be precision-cut continue on their way to the CNC saw where they are square cut for exterior flagstone or interior flooring tile. 
Kirby explains that the innovations will result in lower costs for their clients. “With our streamlined automation and versatile saws, we can break down the price barrier in providing granite for interior and exterior applications,” he says. The expansion will also require additional personnel, and Muskoka Rock welcomes inquiries about the new employment opportunities. For details and on-line applications, click the Careers button on the website.