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Stair Treads

The sophistication, elegance and durability of an MRock project is undeniable. Proven ease of installation using standard masonry practices makes the usage of MRock real Granite Building Stone an efficient and simple concept. Whether your design calls for accents, or a complete interior or exterior wall cladding of stone, MRock is the most solid of choices.


Saw Cut Tread – Natural Face

The most popular version of the Muskoka Rock stair tread is a “Natural Face.” This style has an irregular moving front and back step edge that fits best with the surrounding natural rock features. The Natural Face style is the best way to keep your elevation transitions as nature intended.


Saw Cut Tread – Sawn Face

For more contemporary cottage/home designs, commercial applications, and for those that want a more refined look, a “Sawn Face” stair tread is available. This step boasts a very clean and manicured front face edge with a natural (normally unseen) back face. This style is often used for grand entrances.


Sawn All Sides

Often used in formal applications in which both the front and back treads faces must be uniform. This style features fully dimensional precise saw cuts on all faces and sides. This format is often used in applications in which all sides of the stone would be visible or in cases where the back face of the stair treads meets a finished deck or foundation.


Natural Hand-Split Treads

Hand-split stone represents the history of our quarries. Though not common practice these days, we offer hand-split stair treads to those who want to add to their existing landscape. If you need to match hand-split products in order to maintain continuity with your existing treads, we will be glad to accommodate.

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